Kawai Grand Piano SK-EX


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The World’s Most Advanced Concert Grand Piano

The SK-EX concert grand piano embodies the pursuit of Kawai’s ‘gold standard’ of piano creation: a peerless instrument, fashioned from the very finest materials, and crafted by passionate artisans drawing upon generations of knowledge and experience.

Size Length 278 cm
Width 158 cm
Height 103 cm
Weight 504 kg
Touch White key surfaces NEOTEX
Black key surfaces Ebony
Action Millennium III
Hammers All underfelted
Sound Soundboard Solid Spruce, Tapared
Agraffes 1 - 54 keys / Shigeru Kawai concert agraffes
Duplex scaling Fore & Back
Back posts 5
Exterior design Pedals Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
Casters Large, Brass (with stopper)
Lid props 3
Music rack Position 5 positions
Hard Finish
Other features ‘Experimental’ creation process

Additional information

Weight 504 kg
Dimensions 278 × 158 × 103 cm